Disconnect to Reconnect at Montfair Resort Farm

Here at Montfair we love sharing the nature, comfort, and simplicity of this family owned retreat in the mountains of Virginia. And we do encourage our guest to disconnect from the social media, news, and politics of today that are dividing us. Whether you just need some solitude, need to reconnect with a significant other, or just really need to connect with your children this is the perfect spot for you.
Here you can totally disconnect by booking a stay in the Butternut, Magnolia, or Loblolly cottages where the only media is an Am/Fm radio with Cd player. There is Wi-Fi in all the cottages but some parents choose not to tell their children. Instead they will canoe across our beautiful lake while taking in splendid mountain views, sit on a bench and just simply listen to nature, or go for a hike and bike ride. It is amazing how close you can become with others when you put your phones, tablets, and laptops away for awhile and just talk and listen.

If you need a little more media that’s fine as well, as I said all of our cottages have Wi-Fi, it is your choice to use it. For TV with a DVD player, choose The Pawpaw, Holly, Hazelnut, Sycamore, Dogwood, and Sassafras cottages. There is reception of two local channels including the public TV channel. Bring your own DVD’s to play or choose some from the Montfair office’s small DVD library. For Cable TV reception you will want to book our lovely Beauchamp House.
But as I said in the beginning we do encourage everyone to step away from your screens and take in the world around you and learn about the people you love.