Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

We all know weddings can be costly to our pocketbooks, but how often do we think about their effect on our environment? From re-thinking invitations to diverting trash from the landfill, there are many ways to make weddings more eco-friendly. Here at Montfair, we incorporate as many eco-friendly practices as we can – from using eco-friendly cleaners and laundry detergent to purchasing green building supplies – all in an effort to be good stewards of our land and business. Here are some great ideas to make your dream wedding at Montfair a little more eco-conscious.


You can start with your invitations. One option is to print your traditional invitations on recycled paper with vegetable-based inks.  You can also send out a traditional invitations but have your guests RSVP on your wedding website instead of mailing back a card. For a more informal, but paperless option, try E-vites!


Buying a vintage wedding dress is a great eco-conscious decision and will save you money too. If you don’t want your dress hanging in your closet taking up space after your wedding, sell it again so someone else can use it. Buy vintage for bridesmaid dresses too!


Buying local flowers is an easy way to have beautiful flowers that don’t have to have shipped in for your wedding day. Local flower farms will use flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding.  Flower farms close to Montfair include Harmony Harvest Farm, Pharsalia Flower Farm, Ted’s Last Stand Farm and Gardens, Barn Swallow Blooms, Blue Heron Farm, and Innisfree Herb Garden.


Pick a caterer that uses local and organic food! Caterers near Montfair that use local organic foods include, The Local, Claudia Gibson Catering, Harvest Moon Catering, Cakes By Rachel, Have Food Will Travel and many more.


When it comes to your wedding favors you can choose something that can be reused like a cup or a wine glass. We have seen couples give out succulents, seeds for their gardens, or trees from the Arbor Day Foundation.  Shop local for favors, choosing businesses that you know practice fair-trade and sustainable sourcing. Frolic Chocolate in Charlottesville, or Hungry Hill Farm (honey), for example, make delicious, gourmet treats.


Reduce your wedding waste by composting and recycling. Montfair has single stream recycling pick up. If you would like composting, Natural Organic Process Enterprises (NOPE) provides collection services for events and can come to Montfair after your wedding to collect your food waste.

Montfair Resort Farm would love to support you in making your eco-friendly wedding come true!